What determines how often you should measure customer experience?

Novus Petra Wiik analyserar kring hur ofta du behöver mäta kundupplevelsen.
07 jul 2023

Periodic customer measurements (strategic) or high-frequency measurements (operational) – which is really best? As always, it is the purpose that determines the type of decisions and actions you want to be able to take based on the results. Business plan and strategy work is carried out periodically, and this requires fact-based decision-making that reduces the […]

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5 things we learned about inclusion and diversity in Swedish companies

25 maj 2023

For the second year in a row, Novus, on behalf of Mitt Liv, has had the privilege of surveying how Swedish companies and organizations work with inclusion and diversity. We have taken the lead by surveying managers at different levels, which gives us a real inside perspective of how companies and organizations work with inclusion […]

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This is how The Swedish Internet Foundation managed to include all of Sweden in its survey

15 nov 2022

The annual survey Swedes and the Internet has received increasing attention over the years. Novus has helped The Swedish Internet Foundation to carry out all the research that forms the basis of the report. “Novus has helped us develop a time- and cost-effective model,” says Jannike Tillå at The Swedish Internet Foundation. The Swedes and […]

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