This is how The Swedish Internet Foundation managed to include all of Sweden in its survey

”The fact that Novus possesses the competence to run complex research projects from start to finish is a great asset”

The annual survey Swedes and the Internet has received increasing attention over the years. Novus has helped The Swedish Internet Foundation to carry out all the research that forms the basis of the report. “Novus has helped us develop a time- and cost-effective model,” says Jannike Tillå at The Swedish Internet Foundation.

The Swedes and the Internet is Sweden’s largest statistical survey on internet use in the country. With the survey, the Internet Foundation wants to contribute facts and insights about how the use of the internet in Sweden is developing. They also want to provide the conditions for the digitization of Swedish society and business to take place on a well-informed basis.

– Our biggest challenge in the project is to limit the scope and choose what to focus on, because the area is so broad, says Jannike Tillå, Vice President Communications & Public Benefit at The Swedish Internet Foundation.

Provides basis for future investments

This year’s report focuses, among other things, on how Swedes communicate online, how children use the internet, social media and e-commerce and online fraud.

– The use of e-identification has increased sharply, in one year the percentage who use mobile Bank-Id on a daily basis has risen from 47 to 71 percent. Something that surprised me was that a third usually think about the digital traces they leave behind and as many as 8 out of 10 make active choices to protect their privacy in various ways, says Jannike.

7 out of 10 young people aged 8 – 19 socialize online via various gaming platforms. Second only to YouTube, Roblox is the most used platform among elementary school children. Something that is not as positive is that the percentage of children between the ages of 12 and 19 who are exposed to online hate has doubled in one year, from 9 to 17 percent.

– We use the results from the survey as a basis for our further work. For example, we have developed the initiatives Parenting and Children online to spread knowledge about how the adult world can support and meet the child in the digital world. We see which areas need efforts and work based on that, explains Jannike.

A time- and cost-effective model

For all the studies carried out for the Swedes and the Internet, The Swedish Internet Foundation has enlisted the help of Novus.

– We have appreciated their research methodology, their high level of service and their help as a sounding board all the way. Novus has the competence to develop methods and they act as a collaboration partner, not a subcontractor, and take responsibility for the survey to maintain the highest quality at all levels together with us. They have helped us develop a time- and cost-effective model and it has worked very well, says Jannike.

With the help of Novus’ Sweden panel, the majority of the surveys could be carried out. The Swedish panel is a cost-effective and fast way to reach many people, because it is digital. In order to truly reflect the whole of Swedish society, telephone interviews also needed to be carried out as a supplement. After scaling each survey, the results were then combined so that all groups were represented. Jannike Tillå is positive about the future in terms of the continued collaboration with Novus.

– It feels great to have a partner in Novus who takes full responsibility and with whom we can have close cooperation. We have also engaged Novus for a number of smaller surveys for internal use, such as brand measurement, the insight offer and digital lessons. The fact that they possess the competence to run complex research projects from grain to loaf is a great asset, she concludes.

Per Fernström
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