Politics and public opinion

Opinion polls

Some organizations have a need to be relevant in the social debate so their issues get more space in the media or understanding among decision makers. An excellent way to focus on the organization’s issues is to conduct a survey. But it’s not that simple to just send out questions and hope for the best. To be relevant, you need to understand how society works and what influences it. You also need to cooperate with a company that delivers reliable documents and is credible as an actor. We are in the middle of the hub of all actors in society and have a great understanding of how society works.

Novus väljarbarometer

One of our core activities is the work around the Novus Voter Barometer, which is presented every month in collaboration with Svenska Dagbladet och Göteborgs-Posten. There we follow party sympathies and voter behavior over time.

Politics: party sympathies, voter behaviour, political issues

We work with many political parties and other organizations that follow political issues. It is absolutely crucial to understand what is important and why if you want to represent your members or for that matter understand the voters. There, Novus, with our broad knowledge and presence in the social debate, is a valuable partner to really understand, not just get some numbers that are difficult to interpret. Because the goal is to understand why it is the way it is. Not just stating how it was yesterday. We also make Sweden’s largest voter barometer, which is presented together with SVT. In connection with the elections, we also do many local voter barometers. We are the only survey company that has been closest to the election results in all three of the last EU elections. Few can boast of the practical proof that the surveys give an accurate picture of an issue. So you as a customer can be sure that the methods we have are proven and give an accurate picture of the current situation. But reliable data is of course only a prerequisite for valuable analyzes that lead to the understanding of human behavior that you as a customer should be able to expect from Novus surveys.

Mats Lindström
Torbjörn Sjöström
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