This is how the Swedish Equestrian Association anchors its development in reality

“It feels important to use a neutral, objective party who is an outsider and can keep up with the whole process.”

– Mia Thun about why they chose to collaborate with Novus

“An assurance that every step forward is carefully anchored in reality”

The Swedish Equestrian Association (Svenska Ridsportförbundet)  is a broad member association where the associations are found all over the country and differ in both size and character. In Novus, the association has found a cooperation partner who assists in taking the temperature of the situation, regardless of whether it is about an increased dialogue with the municipalities or in which direction the associations want the association to develop.

The Swedish Equestrian Association is one of our largest sports federations with roughly 155,000 individual members, around 860 clubs and 19 equestrian districts. Equestrian sport is also one of the biggest sports for people with disabilities and the second biggest sport in Sweden for young people aged 7-25.

– The Equestrian Association consists of many different associations, of different size and character. For us, it is important to know if we succeed in helping our associations with what is desired and that they are satisfied with our efforts, says Mia Thun, development coordinator for Riding Club and Riding School at the Swedish Equestrian Association.

Wanted to increase knowledge in the municipalities

In 2013, the association wanted to assist its associations in an improved dialogue with the municipalities.

With the help of Novus, a survey was carried out that showed what knowledge the municipalities had about the riding schools and what information needed to be added.

– Based on the report, we put together a toolbox for our associations that they could use in their contact with the municipality. Two years later, we did a follow-up which showed that awareness of the riding school had increased, says Mia.

Over the years, the research with Novus has developed into a far-reaching collaboration.

– We have continued to carry out the municipal survey every two years and we clearly see that our work is making a difference and awareness is increasing. It is a good measure of value and a receipt for what we do, says Mia.

Important to have an objective, neutral party

In addition to the municipal survey, the Swedish Equestrian Federation, with the help of Novus, has also investigated how the associations perceive the federation.

– For us, it has been a good way to capture requests and make the associations involved in which direction we should develop. In just that type of investigation, it feels important to use a neutral, objective party who is an outsider and can take care of the entire process, from selection and formulation of questions to the investigation itself and the conclusion, Mia believes.

Novus creates a secure foundation to stand on

Novus has also helped with the basis for the association’s strategy work and carried out in-depth research based on a sample.

– Novus is fantastically good; they help us both with mapping and identifying relevant issues, carrying out surveys and then also making suggestions for follow-up and analysis. This, in turn, helps us in our development as a federation and association activities. We clearly see what we need to work on and what is already working. We have also gained awareness in society via the Novus Sweden panel, where we can examine what opinion the public outside of equestrian sport has about us and our business, says Mia and concludes:

– All in all, it gives us a really good foundation to stand on where we can feel confident that every step forward is firmly rooted in reality.

Peter Blid

© Foto: Mikael Sjöberg

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