Novus Sweden Panel

Novus Sweden Panel (public opinion panel) – a miniature of Sweden

The Novus Sweden Panel is our most effective tool for understanding the public in Sweden. To make sure that our online panel always deliver high quality and reliable results, we build our web panel solely by methods that is scientifically proven to produce reliable results. Online researches where the methods cannot be trusted are not even worth making. The basis is a data collection in which answers and opinions from the public reflect the reality, after which you can with confident make an analysis of the result.

The purpose of the Novus Sweden Panel is to provide a representative picture of what we who live in Sweden think. As for today our panel consists of approximately 50,000 randomly recruited panel members from all over the country who, according to the industry association Esomar’s guidelines, answered at least one survey during the past year.


You can not register to be part of our panel

We only use a simple random sampling method to recruit to our panel. This means that the recruitment initiative always comes from Novus. It is not possible to self-register or “apply” to join our web panel. This is to ensure that the panel deliver results that are nationally representative in terms of age, gender, region etc. A random sampling method is also required to be able to report statistical margins of error.

A panel has a has a certain shelf life, which means that we continuously recruit new members to the Novus Sweden panel. Recruitment takes place regularly through a simple random selections among the general public. In step one, the panel members are recruited via telephone interviews. In step two we send out an invitation via text message and in step three send an invitation by post with a personal code to sign up for the panel. When we contact by post, we also reach those we do not come in with contact by phone.


To choose the right survey method

All surveys are unique and should be treated accordingly. The Novus Sweden panel can be both a substitute and a complement to other methods. We make sure you get the right survey method for your spesific task so that your survey will benefit you as much as possible.

As a customer of Novus, you can sit back and rest assured that we take care of all the practicality and that the survey is conducted with the highest quality. We are happy to answer any of your questions. Talk to your representative at Novus or if have not been in contact with us before send us your question here.

Mikael Ohlsson
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