Society and opinion

We help you see the reality behind the numbers

We live in a time of development and change. Events in the outside world and rapid dissemination of knowledge affect the mobility of our attitudes and patterns of life in a way we have never seen before. Our consultants follow the social debate and have long experience of opinion polls as a way to understand and interpret the patterns we see in our present day. Together with you, we formulate the right questions and help you see the reality behind the numbers. No matter what your needs look like, we listen and tailor a solution that is best suited to your circumstances. We seriously believe that a survey is more than just a number that gives news value. That is why we at Novus have long been working with a conscious focus on method and quality in both process and delivery.  
Svt/Novus väljarbarometer
One of our core activities is the work on the Novus Voter Barometer, which is presented each month in collaboration with SVT. There we follow party sympathies and electoral behavior over time. See our Selector Barometer here. Read more about our various surveys in opinion and society here.
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Mats Lindström
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