Novus Case

Suicide Zero, with the aim of stopping suicide

Partly, it has been good as a basis to show to donors and financiers, but also because it has given us insights into how we should continue to develop the project and what we need to focus on going forward.

– Editor at Suicide Zero Anna Matzinger on analysis and final report from Novus

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This is how the Swedish Equestrian Association anchors its development in reality

“We clearly see that our work is making a difference and awareness is increasing.”

– Mia Thun, development coordinator for the Riding Club and Riding School at the Swedish Equestrian Federation, about how Novus’ research helps the association

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Mitt liv (My Life), an investigation into diversity in business

Novus has conducted a survey on behalf of the organization Mitt Liv, which works for diversity and inclusion in the labor market. The aim was to see how many companies are actively working on the issue, to understand their driving forces and challenges, as well as what tools they need to open up to more talent and perspectives.

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How is the e-commerce doing?

As everyone knows, e-commerce got a real boost during the pandemic, but where is the the industry going when it enters a maturation phase?

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Novus facts provide interesting content

The pandemic has created an increased interest in PR/content because companies and organizations cannot work with activation and physical processing to the same extent as before, our customers must increase their presence digitally and have something to tell.

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