Matt Klink and Torbjörn Sjöström – An insight into the American election

Matt Klink and Torbjörn Sjöström - An insight into the American election

In the shadow of the EU election, it is now the US election that will have the most global impact, which is why we invited Matt Klink to the podcast to give his perspective on the US election. It is mainly from a republican perspective as Matt has extensive experience in leading republican campaigns, among other things. For most people in Sweden, it is very hard to understand how Trump can be someone you want to vote for. Few elections are as internationally watched as that of the United States, and few presidential candidates receive as much international attention as Trump. In this episode, we try to get a little closer to what the election in the US is really about for American voters, mainly from a Republican perspective.

Matt Klink is the owner of Kink Campaigns, a public affairs and strategic communications firm in California with 35 years of experience in political campaigns around the world. Matt Klink and Torbjörn Sjöström have met in several international contexts as Torbjörn sits on the board of the sister organization EAPC (European Association of Political Consultants), and Matt was recently chairman of IAPC (International Association of Political Consultants), where they were seen on stage and Matt Klink explained American politics from a republican perspective and Torbjörn Sjöström has explained European and Swedish politics.

Torbjörn Sjöström is the CEO at Novus and our company has been a member of Gallup International Association since 2022 later on Torbjörn became a board member there in May 2023.

Click to listen to the conversation with Matt Klink and Torbjörn Sjöström.

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