Sanity Check 60: Surveys in fragile conflict zones

Senaste avsnittet

This is a one off episode of Novus Sanity Check in English: Torbjörn Sjöström took the opportunity to sit down and podcast together with Johnny Heald when they were both at a board meeting for Gallup International. Johnny Heald runs the research company ORB International in Great Britain and the company specializes in doing research in conflict areas around the world. He talks about how it is done and the challenges involved in conducting investigations in areas where there is a war going on.

Torbjörn Sjöström is the CEO at Novus and our company has been a member of Gallup International Association since 2022 later on Torbjörn became a board member there in May 2023.

Click on link to listen on Spotify or you can listen on soundcloud here.

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