How is the e-commerce doing?

As everyone knows, e-commerce got a real boost during the pandemic, but where are we going when the industry enters a maturation phase? More than one in two e-commerce consumers state that they have at some point given up on an online purchase because of the risk of having to return an item. The biggest obstacle is having to pay the return cost yourself or that the return process is perceived as complicated. Reclaimit has hired Novus for this year’s edition of State of Returns to investigate Swedes’ attitudes to returns of goods they bought online. Read the full report here: State of Returns 2022.

If you are interested in e-commerce, we would also like to advise you about the E-commerce indicator that Novus is carrying out on behalf of Swedish Trade. It is a monthly measurement of how Swedish consumers shop online. The survey estimates the turnover for e-commerce in Sweden and from abroad, and shows the development in different product categories. Here you will find the Trade Indicator.

Ieva Englund
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