Novus facts provide interesting content

The pandemic has created an increased interest in PR/content because companies and organizations cannot work with activation and physical processing to the same extent as before, our customers must increase their presence digitally and have something to tell.

The most important thing to reach out is to have a story, but the story must last and therefore needs factual basis. In the Swedish Panel, we effectively produce facts about issues that affect the public’s everyday life. Background data provides profiles of the target groups that enable content to be adapted and distributed in a targeted manner, both broadly and niche.

For one of our customers, Novus’ survey resulted in a campaign page in the form of a survey of Swedes’ relationship to car ownership and a report.

The survey provided information about Swedes’ view of, and knowledge about, car ownership. How do women and men view car finance, who has the best control over costs and so on.

Based on the data and the angles that were wanted, a report and a series of PR activities were drawn up to position the company more clearly as an expert in the field.

Photo: © CarPay och Volvofinans Bank

Link to campaign page: Livet runt bilen 2020 (Life around the car 2020)

Link to the report

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