This is how the Swedish Equestrian Association anchors its development in reality

30 sep 2023

“An assurance that every step forward is carefully anchored in reality” The Swedish Equestrian Association (Svenska Ridsportförbundet)  is a broad member association where the associations are found all over the country and differ in both size and character. In Novus, the association has found a cooperation partner who assists in taking the temperature of the […]

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“Novus has laid the foundation for our continued work in many ways”

28 sep 2023

Three children in each class are exposed to bullying. This means that at least 140,000 Swedish schoolchildren experience some form of bullying. The results from Friends’ survey, which was carried out together with, among others, Novus, show a large increase in the number of vulnerable children. With the support of the survey, Friends can now […]

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This is how The Swedish Internet Foundation managed to include all of Sweden in its survey

15 sep 2023

The annual survey Swedes and the Internet has received increasing attention over the years. Novus has helped The Swedish Internet Foundation to carry out all the research that forms the basis of the report. “Novus has helped us develop a time- and cost-effective model,” says Jannike Tillå at The Swedish Internet Foundation. The Swedes and […]

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