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How can the union increase interest in membership among young people?

27 okt 2023

Novus has the privilege of working together with many trade unions and employers’ organizations and a common challenge for many is how to reach and attract young people from different perspectives. The challenges differ depending on the union and profession, but there is a clear focus today on exploring how to successfully attract young people […]

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Mimmi Gibson: The key to Gotland’s attractiveness and growth

24 okt 2023

In an interview with Mimmi Gibson, Business Strategist for Attractiveness and Marketing and Brand Manager for Region Gotland, we get an insight into her work in shaping Gotland as an attractive destination. Where her main mission is to increase Gotland’s fiscal power by attracting more residents to the island – and our conversation highlights her passion […]

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Public trademark – to be or not to be, is that really the question?

17 okt 2023

The debate about the appropriateness of public organizations (such as municipalities, authorities or other administrative bodies) increasingly engaging in branding work flares up at regular intervals. Now most recently in relation to the issue of the growing number of communicators within Swedish administration. Branding has historically been associated with the private sector, and with attempts […]

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Novus Sweden panel vs. other types of web panels

28 sep 2023

A common misconception is that web panels need to be representative based on the demographic distribution of the population. However, it is the survey results that must be representative. What produces representative and thus reliable results is: Recruitment to the panel via probability sampling. Randomly stratified samples in each panel survey. Weighting on relevant variables. […]

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