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Campaign evaluations – but how do you do them?

Thinking about evaluating your latest or upcoming campaign? Then we want to advise you on what you need to think about before you do it.

When we at Novus talk about campaign evaluations, we don’t mean technical digital key figures. We are primarily referring to survey-based campaign measurements that are carried out with the same target group that the campaign has been aimed at.

Well-implemented campaign evaluations have a big impact on your business.

Bockmarkering, teckensnittet Wingdings, teckenkoden 252 decimal. Improves your marketing strategy

By pointing out which aspects of your advertising work and which need improvement, we can work together to optimize the effect of your marketing.

Bockmarkering, teckensnittet Wingdings, teckenkoden 252 decimal. Helps you develop winning concepts

By bringing marketing teams closer to customers, we help them design campaigns in a way that hits the target audience’s “weak spots” and needs

Bockmarkering, teckensnittet Wingdings, teckenkoden 252 decimal. Measuring the impact on your brand

Campaign evaluations show the effect your marketing has on the brand, which in turn creates conditions for future sales.

This is what you need to do before ordering a campaign evaluation:

To order a campaign measurement from a survey company, you should first identify the type of measurement you wish to carry out and what you hope the measurement will show. Then contact us at Novus to discuss the details of the measurement and get a price proposal. It may also be useful to discuss the type of data to be collected and how it will be analysed.

When you order a campaign evaluation from us, you should be prepared that we will ask the following questions and need:

Bockmarkering, teckensnittet Wingdings, teckenkoden 252 decimal. Promotional material and not infrequently with adjustments such as blind spots. When you measure how well the target group has understood which company or organization is behind the campaign, you want to mask the sender. This is done by removing the logo and everything that can identify the company behind the campaign for the respondents included in the study.

Bockmarkering, teckensnittet Wingdings, teckenkoden 252 decimal. Clearly defined purpose of the campaign. This is required so that we can evaluate the effect of the campaign.

Bockmarkering, teckensnittet Wingdings, teckenkoden 252 decimal.Media investments linked to the campaign to be evaluated, this is also used in the evaluation of the campaign effects. Or the media mix, if the evaluation is to be done per channel.

When it comes to advertising, a consumer is exposed to a lot of white noise. How do you understand the effect and impact of your advertising compared to others? Novus campaign evaluations are designed to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing by diagnosing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us here!

Ieva Englund  

Novus Client Development Advisor


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