#68 Munqith Dagher – surveys in Sweden and Iraq

23 feb 2024

In this episode thoughts and insights from different continents are shared. What differences exist between Sweden and Iraq when it comes to the possibility of conducting surveys, what cultural differences are there and how does society view answering surveys? Munqith Dagher and Torbjörn Sjöström also discuss cultural differences between Islam and Christian culture, how it […]

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This is how the Swedish Equestrian Association anchors its development in reality

30 sep 2023

“An assurance that every step forward is carefully anchored in reality” The Swedish Equestrian Association (Svenska Ridsportförbundet)  is a broad member association where the associations are found all over the country and differ in both size and character. In Novus, the association has found a cooperation partner who assists in taking the temperature of the […]

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Novus surveys in socio-economically segregated areas (RegSo)

05 sep 2023

Novus conducts many surveys among residents in socio-economically segregated areas (RegSo). RegSo is a nationwide division of areas with 3,363 areas from Statistics Sweden for statistical monitoring of socio-economic segregation. This area division is based on the percentage of the population in each area that has a foreign background. In the Novus Sweden panel, we […]

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