Novus membership in Gallup International

Novus is Sweden’s representative for Gallup International since 2022. Only one company per country can be a member and Novus’ work to maintain the reliability of the survey industry has been recognized around the world. That is one of the reasons why Novus is part of the organization.

Membership strengthens Novus internationally and opens up our contact network of collaboration partners both nationally and internationally. Today, Gallup International covers 65 countries conducting surveys in over 130 countries worldwide and reaching over 80% of the world’s population. This makes it easier for us to conduct reliable research on behalf of our clients worldwide.

Gallup International was founded in 1947 by George Gallup together with 11 survey companies in the world and is thus the world’s oldest global survey organization. Gallup International thus turns 75 this year.

The starting shot for Novus’ collaboration with Gallup International

Novus’ collaboration in Gallup International’s network was started informally in the spring of 2022 with a survey about Europeans’ views on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. A survey even the president of Ukraine referred to and which likely had a positive contributing factor behind the EU’s decision to speed up Ukraine’s EU application. The survey can be read on other pages here: Novus egna undersökningar – Majoritet av europeerna vill se Ukraina i EU

Novus CEO elected to the board

During Gallup International’s annual meeting on May 10, 2023 in Tbilisi, Novus CEO Torbjörn Sjöström was elected a new board member of the organization and will also be part of the operational management of Gallup International.

The new board position for Novus’ CEO means that in the future Novus will become an active part of the global network of expert companies, as well as some of the best independent research companies in the world.

Novus surveys in the world

The list of countries where Novus has conducted surveys is growing all the time. Here you can see all the countries in which we are currently conducting surveys.

Armenien, Australien, Belarus, Belgien, Brasilien, Bulgarien, Colombia, Danmark, Egypten, Estland, Förenade Arabemiraten, Färöarna, Finland, Frankrike, Georgien, Grönland, Holland, Indien, Island, Israel, Italien, Japan, Kanada, Kina, Lettland, Litauen, Mexiko, Moldavien, Nederländerna, Norge, Polen, Portugal, Saudiarabien, Singapore, Slovakien, Spanien, Storbritannien, Sverige, Sydafrika, Sydkorea, Thailand, Tjeckien, Turkiet, Tyskland, Ukraina, Ungern, USA, Vietnam och Åland.

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