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Brand and communication

Branding is facing new challenges. In order to achieve success in the branding process, it is important to have knowledge of all the challenges that your brand has right now and is facing in the future.

Awareness / Positioning

Competitor mapping

Brand strategy / Momentum analysis

360 degree brand analysis

Market Potential


Segmentation / Beading

Output measurement

Communication development

Communication strategy

PR surveys

User test and read value evaluations

Ieva Englund

Business development

Our experienced consultants are passionate about business and business development, and with the help of a thorough needs analysis we highlight where the challenges are and where to find growth potential.


Growth potential


Need assessment

Peter Blid

Customer, member and employee relations

We live in an increasingly mobile society. In the digital world, old patterns are challenged and new behavior patterns are created. This means great demands on those who want to keep pace with their customers or members and create strong relationships.


Customer Experience (CX/CSI/loyalty)

Recommendation propensity and NPS

The engaged employee (employee surveys)

To map and understand the customer journey

Churn Analysis

Surveys of potential customers

The customer / member panels

Per Fernström

Society and opinion

We follow the social debate and have long experience of opinion polls as a way to understand and interpret the patterns we see in our present day. Together with you, we formulate the right questions and see the reality behind the numbers.

Opinion Polls

Attitude Surveys

Knowledge Surveys

Politics: party sympathies, electoral behavior, political issues

Mats Elzén

Novus Academy

Novus Academy is a unified platform for knowledge sharing and training on surveys. Novus has long been pushing a conscious work on quality and increasing the understanding of what a well-conducted survey can really contribute. We would like to to share our insights!





Other services (SWE)



Hållbarhet – strategi för en kommunikation kring hållbarhet som målgruppen förstår



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